Have August Morgan Clothing, Will Travel!

Happy Sunday!

I am back from a fabulous trip to Mayakoba in the Riviera Maya.  I had the best time. I also felt well dressed at all times, as I wore August Morgan clothing with ease and fun!


August Morgan dresses, bag, and sandals.  All you need is a swimsuit and you are good to go!

August Morgan dresses, bag, and sandals.  All you need is a swimsuit and you are good to go!

My family and I stayed at the Banyan Tree

This boat took us to out amazing villa on the beach

This boat took us to out amazing villa on the beach

Master Bath

Master Bath

Outdoor Bath

Outdoor Bath

The beach was steps from our rooms.

The beach was steps from our rooms.

The pool was a step from my room!

The pool was a step from my room!

The pool by the beach...words don't do it justice!

The pool by the beach...words don't do it justice!

The food was magnificent.

The food was magnificent.

I did venture outside the resort, which is more than I can say for my husband.  He played golf and tennis...and napped.

We visited the Mayan ruins in Tulum

We visited the Mayan ruins in Tulum

I rappelled into a cave and then snorkeled!  I try to do one outdoorsy thing per year, whether I need to or not.

I rappelled into a cave and then snorkeled!  I try to do one outdoorsy thing per year, whether I need to or not.

When I went out to eat or by the pool, I loved wearing my August Morgan wardrobe.

Drinking a margarita white wearing a Mai Tai

Drinking a margarita white wearing a Mai Tai

Drinking a margarita while wearing a Mint Julep

Drinking a margarita while wearing a Mint Julep

Wearing a French 75 and not drinking as it was breakfast

Wearing a French 75 and not drinking as it was breakfast

Saying adios to Mexico in a Paloma

Saying adios to Mexico in a Paloma

I drank on the plane, natch!





I am an Anti Activewear Activist

Hello All!

I am back from my jaunt to NYC for NY NOW.  

Ariana and I had a ball selling our newest cocktail napkins...

Just a Swallow

Just a Swallow

I also debuted my new line of August Morgan Clothing. All of the clothing are named after cocktails.  Here is the Gin and Tonic Shirt and Skirt.

The Blue Greyhound

The collection was really well received and I am thrilled!  You may pre order now.  The clothing will ship mid April.

I frequently was asked why I chose to create a line of clothing.  There are a few answers.  One is that I love a uniform.  I do not like to have to think of an outfit daily. I like to know I have something to wear in my closet, clothing that I can slip on and feel dressed and ready to go.

The line of clothing is designed for the woman who buys our cocktail napkins.  Or men, heck, whoever wants them!  Men, message me about sizes.  Anyhoo, the dresses are for women of all ages and sizes; women who take the time to use nice cocktail napkins and take the time to slip on one of our cute dresses.

Another reason is that I am tired of seeing women in work out gear around town.  I decided to become an Anti Activewear Activist and get women out of the sweaty sweats and into something attractive.  


You may go about your daily business in work out gear if you are : a yogi, a spin instructor, a coach, a professional athlete, etc.  If you do not fit into these categories, please dress for the day, and the weekends.  Activewear is not appropriate for the grocery store, your children's school, nor any errand.  Activewear is for exercising.  

I don't want to hear the excuse that activewear is comfortable.  Nothing is more comfortable than an August Morgan dress! All are made out of cotton shirting material.  All have pockets, and most are lined.


The French 75

The French 75

When you dress for the day, you show respect for yourself and for others.  You also get more accomplished. 

When you order an August Morgan dress, I will throw in this cute tote for free :

You can put your gym clothes in it!

You can put your gym clothes in it!










Phrases I have never used but have always wanted to :

You and what army?

You'll rue the day!

Take a long walk off a short pier!

Well, well.  Look what the cat dragged in...

Except I did utter the last one recently while looking at Instagram.  I discovered my cocktail napkins had been copied.  Again.

Friends, I cannot tell you the number of cease and desist letters my lawyer has sent in the last year.  My designs are trademarked and I will not stand for intellectual property thieves!  I have become quite litigious as of late.  Copiers have been shut down.

On a positive note, I was inspired for my new cocktail napkin :

The new napkins may be purchased here

As for me, baby its GIN time!

me and gin cocktail napkin at NYNOW last month

me and gin cocktail napkin at NYNOW last month







They Grow Up So Fast

Summer can be a bummer if you have school age children.  Unless you are the fun mom at the pool, which I am not.  The pool is hot and there are OPC (other people's children).  Fortunately my club has a margarita that packs a wallop.

I love my children, of course. Now that they are a teen and a tween it's really getting fun to see the people they are growing into.  I do love a newborn, but there are so many things about raising small children that I do not miss:

  • Bubbles
  • Raisins
  • Cartoons of any sort

But here in the Hersch household, we do have a new baby.  A baby puppy that is!


Bunny Bixler-Hersch

Bunny Bixler-Hersch

I love her so much it hurts.

Even when she is bad Bunny is very, very cute.

Even when she is bad Bunny is very, very cute.

Tinkerbell and Bunny are best friends

Tinkerbell and Bunny are best friends

Here at August Morgan Worldwide Headquarters, we've been growing as well.

Mrs. Susie T has been hired as Head of Shipping

Mrs. Susie T has been hired as Head of Shipping

And we have many more styles of napkins : 


We also have a new line of stemless wine glasses!

All of our new products can be found at www.augustmorgan.com.

Have a fabulous summer, relax and keep growing!



August Morgan's Vietnam Adventure

Good Morning!

Ariana and I just got back from Vietnam.  We have major jet lag but we are powering though it!

We arrive late in Hanoi.  I was delighted to be upgraded to a suite at the famed Metropole Hotel.

  After a hearty breakfast at the hotel, Ariana and I had a guide take us to manufacturers, both ones that we use and new ones.  We drove three hours outside out Hanoi, and it was a very interesting drive!  


After a hearty breakfast at the hotel, Ariana and I had a guide take us to manufacturers, both ones that we use and new ones.  We drove three hours outside out Hanoi, and it was a very interesting drive!


It was such a delight to meet my manufacturers in person, and see the talented men and women making our napkins!  We were welcomed into their home and workrooms and it was the highpoint of my trip.

The next day Ariana and I took in the sights of Hanoi.

After the city, we naturally went to the beach, to a resort outside of Danag.

The InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort was one of the nicest resorts I have ever stayed in.  And toots, I have traveled to many!

This is what greets you upon check in :

And I was upgraded to a superb suite, with a butler!

The suite had the most amazing views.

With a rainbow, naturally!

Well I sure you have had your fill of photos, but this blog isn't over, sister.

The good news is that there are several  August Morgan Cocktail Napkins

back in stock!

Have a fabulous weekend!  As for me...




I left my heart in Danang!






August Morgan : No Such Thing as too Overserved or too Much Tennis!

Well Good Evening!


I hope you are having a drink as I am.  Just a nice glass of wine, and in my August Morgan Overserved Stemless Wine Glass

This fun set of four glasses comes in a custom August Morgan Box.

This really is the perfect hostess gift for the tennis lover in your life. And guess what it matches?

Our Overserved Cocktail Napkins, they will be back in stock in two weeks.  Shoot me an email if you want to be notified when they come in.

It also matches our  Overserved Bar Towel.

And our fabulous Overserved Acrylic Tray

Well I must go parent, and pack for Vietnam.  Please feel free to order August Morgan products while I am gone.  There is a shipper everyday Monday - Friday!

And if you see me in the streets of Hanoi or the beaches of Da Nang, please say hello!




The Latest in Cocktail Napkin News



I am over the moon that my August Morgan Cocktail Napkins were listed as one of Ivanka Trump's Twelve Things She Can't Live Without in this month's Elle Decor!  I admire her so and this was a big treat for me!

We quickly ran out of Buzzed!  I will have more in very soon so shoot me an email if you want me to tell you when they are in.

In order to keep up with the demand of cocktail napkins (one can NEVER have enough), I am going to Vietnam next week.  I will meet with manufacturers and head to the beach afterwards.  I am really excited!  

What to pack?  I'll think of that later, but I wanted to share with you what I ALWAYS get on a plane with.  I know you are dying to know!



1.  T. Anthony Tote

Like Ivanka, I love T. Anthony Luggage.  I have a few pieces in purple and they are easy to spot on the luggage carousel.  My Town and Country Tote carries my laptop, books, and magazines beautifully!

2. Hermes Cashmere Shawl

My husband gave me one years ago and the shawl still looks fabulous.  It keeps me at the perfect temperature on the plane.

3.  Booze.  

Why not?  I love to drink on a plane!

4. Needlework.  

When I worked at Sotheby's, a very chic lady who sold catalogues once said to me, "I never get on a plane without needlework."  And I never have not since. It relaxes and calms me.  I am currently making a crab Bermuda purse.


Speaking of CRABS....... There is a new Cocktail Napkin!

The Shell We Have Another Napkin may be purchased here.

Well, I must go pack for my trip!




This is Ariana, #2 at August Morgan.  She is going with me to Vietnam!

Movers and Shippers: August Morgan Bar Towels

Good Afternoon!

I am currently trapped in my house, as movers are packing and I must be around to answer questions.

Lucy is not amused

Tinkerbell, bless her, is clueless

We have laid in bed and watched hours of Law and Order and discussed my new needlepoint project.

It occured to us that I haven't yet blogged about my new August Morgan Bar Towels.  There are three styles that match August Morgan Cocktail Napkins.

The Bar Towels are a fabulous addition to any one's bar...

And pair beautifully with our cocktail napkins...

Because Tinkerbell and I are feeling generous, we are offering free shipping on all August Morgan items.  Just type in the word MOVE at checkout.  You are welcome.  Now we must go back to our Law and Order marathon.

Have a great weekend!


High Ball Cocktail Napkins and the Animals of California

Dear Readers:

I have not blogged in MONTHS!  I apologize!  I have been rather busy.......remodeling a house,

children, children's sports,

throwing my daughter's Bat Mitzvah,

running August Morgan, children's sports, feeding children....... you get the picture.  So I am now trying to squeeze in a blog after Spring Break.  

Yes, I have returned from sunny California.  The Herschettes and I basically tagged along on my husband's business trip. The first stop was gorgeous Laguna Beach.

Whilst my husband worked, the kiddos and I played in the sun and surf.  My daughter and I paddle boarded in the ocean while my son took a surfing lesson.  I fell in the water and lost my Chanel sunglasses, but I also saw three dolphins. Yin and Yang,  or whatever.

Then we traversed on to LA.  I really do love that city.  So much to do!

Me with Giant Sloth at the La Brea Tar Pits


Eat. Me with taco.

While I was at the resort pool in Laguna, a small child came up to me.  Blocking my direct sun, he informed me that there were sea lions sunning themselves on the beach.  I took him at his word and did not go see for myself as I had just consumed a concoction of watermelon juice and vodka and was not sure that my legs could work properly.

Well, I may have missed the sea lion, but I do have a a new cocktail napkin!

It's a seal, not a sea lion, but close enough.  What am I, a marine biologist?

The High Ball Cocktail Napkins come in the darling August Morgan gift box.

Have a great day!  I know I will because the children are in school!


Me with rabbits in Laguna.  They would arrive during cocktail hour.  Smart, smart animals.


Let us Give Thanks : Hair of the Dog Cocktail Napkins

Dear Reader(s),

I realize I have not blogged in months.  I have been crazy busy!

I bought a house.

Everyday life

(various mundane tasks can be made less painful by wearing a cocktail ring)

Speaking of cocktails,  allow me to introduce to you my newest August Morgan cocktail napkin:

The set of four Hair of the Dog Cocktail Napkins may be purchased here.

Now, I know we are all busy.  In fact tonight is the night before Thanksgiving.  I have family in.  I write this while hiding in my room and watching Forensic Files.  But I want to bring to attention my first ever online special sale :

Just enter the code THANKS at checkout.

Okay, I must return and be a good hostess.  There are more holidays and commitments in the month to come.  The one thing that keeps me going is..........

The Hair of the Dog!



Do you LOVE August Morgan Tennis Cocktail Napkins?

Oh my goodness.  Enough with this Labor Day nonsense, the children need to back in school ASAP.  They are driving me nuts and are one of the main reasons why I drink.


Just kidding, of course.  But I am not one of those mothers who post on Facebook "Can't believe summer is over!  Went by too fast!  Not ready to send my babies back to school!!!!"

What?  My children need the structure of school and sports, or else they tend to trash the house, claw each others eyes out or whine about how bored they are.  This Labor Day weekend my husband and I drove kids around to movies, to the pool, to the mall.  We labored on labor day, sure enough.

I also have work to do, thank you very much.  My week at NYNOW was the best ever.  I sold many, many cocktail napkins to new and old stores!  I must ship ship ship!

The biggest hit of the August Morgan booth was the Overserved cocktail napkin.

A set of for for $32 may be purchased  here.  And, as per usual, they come in our darling August Morgan gift box.

I guess there are a lot of fun tennis players out there! There is actually a tennis class at my club this morning that I was considering taking.  But then I remembered all of the cocktail napkins I need to ship.  Plus my office has a big TV with unlimited Law and Order....

Over and Out!


Are You a Boar or a Rhino?

Good Monday to ya!

When I was first dating my husband we would go out all the time in New York and eat and drink.  And drink and drink. Soon after we were married I noticed he didn't have a cocktail upon coming home from work.  I found this odd on many levels, one being that when my father came home from work I would fix a "gin and tonky" for him.  Sweet memories.

I asked my husband why he wasn't drinking.   He said he wasn't a big drinker.  WHAT???  I pointed out that he drank all the time when we were dating.  He replied that he just drank to woo me.  I was shocked.  A friend said she would testify in a court of law if we ever divorced that I was wooed under false pretenses.

My husband was the inspiration for this napkin.

We just returned from Las Vegas last night and I was pleasantly surprised.  He brought his A game.  I was impressed.  Cocktails, wine with dinner, cocktails.  He even stayed up until four AM gambling, long after I had returned to bed.

I woke up to a sunny day and a thick wad of cash on the bedside table.  El Rey said he "and a toothless woman" played mega slots.  I had already spent the money in my mind at Hermes.

We flew home on a fancy jet with fellow fun Texans.  Before lift off we toasted one on other with beer and wine.  After thirty minutes, El Rey was fast asleep.  The party boy was turning back into a boar.

Which is fine by me, really.  Because I am not a boar.  I am a Rhino.

these may be purchased here.

And there's only room for one Rhino in a family.



Lest We Forget The Hipsters

Dear Readers :

Last I left you I swore off those online quizzes.  I slipped up.  I took one that measures how much of a hipster you are.  Answer : I am not a hipster.  Shocking but true.

I don't like crafted beer, beards, DIY projects, terrariums and the like but I don't hate them either.  And I respect people's rights to like those things.

One night in NYC many moons ago, my boyfriend at the time and I were walking from a dinner in Little Italy.  His friends were in town for the Hair Show.  They produced the black frocks you wear when at the salon.  In fact, earlier in the day I had been a last minute hair model on a revolving stage whilst getting my hair did.  But I digress.

Anyhoo, my boyfriend's friends treated us to a huge feast at an Italian restaurant complete with cannolis.  We couldn't eat another thing when they arrived, so they were wrapped up and forced on us in a to go box.

As we strolled down Mulberry Street we passed a scraggly young man.   We offered him our cannolis, which he accepted.  Seconds later he turned and said, "Hey, did you think I was homeless?"  In fact we did.  Turns out he was not homeless he was a hipster.  Lesson learned, but cannolis shared.

I have created a napkin for those who think my napkins are too preppy for them :

Who doesn't love a mid century modern house cocktail napkin?

The set of four hand embroidered cocktail napkins come in the cute August Morgan box and retail for $32 and may be bought here.

"And just what are you, Missy" you may be thinking?  Answer : no clue.  Sometimes I feel preppy, sometimes I dress like a house bound invalid in a ratty Mexican dress (not in public).  If only there was a quiz to take online to tell me who I really am and what group I belong to!



*Although I am dressed like a Stepford Wife here I am rather liberal!

*Although I am dressed like a Stepford Wife here I am rather liberal!

A Vision of Cleanliness

Good Afternoon!

I just returned from my yoga class and am pretty darn proud of myself.  During Shavasana, the relaxing part at the end, I had some deep thoughts.

1.  Either I need a shower in the worst way or this yoga blanket needs to be burned.

2.  Saturday is my son's birthday.  Note to self :  get stuff.

3. Perhaps more people don't but August Morgan linens because they are afraid to wash them.

Kiddos, it's so darn easy to take care of these napkins :

1. Wash on cold

2. Air dry

3. Have your housekeeper iron them, with starch!

Not only did I strengthen my body during yoga, I solved a problem for others.

Namaste, y'all!



Atlanta Bound

*Cue Willie Nelson

Well it's a Bloody Mary Morning....  Well, not for me but for the gentleman in back of me.  I am on a Delta Jet to Atlanta for #39x43.  This is a shopping event curated by Jess Graves of the fabulous Love List.

I must stay sober until I set up my shop.   So I drink my coffee and exhale and relax for a bit.

This morning at six am :

Me : Darling, the car is here. I'm off to the airport
El Rey (startled and still asleep) : What?!!!  But who's going to take care of everything??
Me : You.  Ciao for now!

At the airport I saw some curious outfits.  Note to the American public : it's not okay to wear flip flops of any sort to travel.  It's wrong on so many levels.  And that especially goes to the gentleman at the airport bookstore buying Bowhunting Monthly.

So come see me if you are in Atlanta!  I must go now.  I've got a Vanity Fair to read.



It's About the Box : August Morgan Cocktail Napkins

Good Morning All!

I am back and reunited with Tinkerbell Hersch. I was in sunny California for a week with my boy child.

My daughter was on a school trip and El Rey was working, so my son and I surfed, visited friends and worked on our tan.

One day we were in our hot tub, chatting with various hotel guests.  A gentleman mentioned that he was from Boulder.  My son, the sports fanatic, asked how he liked the Super Bowl.  The gentleman responded that he did not like the Super Bowl.

Well, the gentleman was the head coach of the Broncos!  Can you believe it?  My son was a wee bit horrified as he had been singing the praises of the Seahawks, and quickly sang the praises of Peyton Manning.  The coach could have not been more kind and gracious and it was a highlight of my son's life to meet him.

Okay, enough kiddo talk.  I need to get back to work and these kids need to back in school, STAT.  I have a new office.  It's getting very cute and I will post photos of it when it gets really cute.

In the mean time I wanted to show you the fantastic box my my August Morgan cocktail napkins come in:

Isn't this fun?  It's a gift already wrapped!

What's not to love?  Especially if you are an organized person and like things in their place.  I am not one such person so I can only imagine.

The best part about my new cocktail napkin box is that it is included in the same fabulous price!

As per usual, these may be purchased here or at your finer home boutiques!



This Week In Cocktail Napkin News

I am winding down after NY NOW, formerly the New York International Gift Fair. I just had a great lunch.


 My flight leaves in four hours, so lucky for you I have time to blog!  What a long, strange trip it's been this winter gift show.

Last Friday morning I decided to go on a run before my flight to NYC.  'Twas a glorious morn in Austin.  Tinkerbell and I hit the trail.  We came to an eroded patch where I usually walk, but I was brazen and kept running. Lo and behold I slipped and broke my fall with my left elbow.  On a rock.  My elbow was split open.  I will spare you the grisly details.

IMG_0077 2.JPG

I became an expert on dressing wounds.....
The next day I was setting up my booth at the Javits Center.


It takes a village..........


The show opened on Sunday.  Super Bowl Sunday.  Yes.  The day was slow as many people were gearing up for parties, and many people were coming in on Monday after the Super Bowl so the hotel rates would be lower.

Monday morning I woke up to this :


Snow.  Polar Vortex.  Whatever it was, flights were cancelled.   Monday was slow but thank goodness for NY, CT, and NJ stores.  I am so grateful for those sales!

Tuesday was a GREAT day for sales.  The biggest hit were the boxes the cocktail napkins come in.


The next day was an ice storm, which completed the trifecta.  Truth be told, my sales were fine.  I picked up new accounts and became better friends with my neighbor vendors at the show.  Plus I helped my friends out by buying from them.

I am now ready to go home.  Love on my family.  Take off my fancy city clothes and change into a Mexican dress.


Until the next NY NOW in August............


Fortunately I purchased some fancy city clothes for NY NOW in August!